Corning Massage & Wellness
Specializing in medical massage; focusing on promoting therapeutic change and well-being.


At Corning Massage & Wellness we believe in doing all that we can to promote healing. We offer medically focused massage that promotes therapeutic change and rehabilitation. Our focus is science based massage modalities that have been clinically proven to lessen pain, increase range of motion, and get your body feeling and moving better. Our specialty is focused work, rather than full body relaxation sessions like what you would expect at a spa, however- we can do that too! We find that the focused work is what is really needed to correct pain issues. We address the painful muscles as well as check in on others that can cause it and try to find the "root cause" of it.

All of the massage therapists that work at Corning Massage are from independent massage businesses operating under one roof along with a counselor. Many tight achy muscles can be a direct cause from being stressed all the time, so there is a counselor in house for anyone needing to make an appointment for talk therapy or stress management. We are also right next door to Corning Chiropractic (with a shared parking lot.) We believe in healing and treating your body and mind.