Corning Massage & Wellness
Specializing in medical massage; focusing on promoting therapeutic change and well-being.


"Renee is a very talented, skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced person and therapist. She has been immersed in the holistic/natural healthcare realm for many years." ~April

"I had the distinct pleasure of getting a massage from Renee Woodruff. I am very pleased with her work. I was sore coming into my appointment from moving my office and from the physical nature of the work I do. Renee really helped me out and I found her to be extremely knowledgeable in her bodywork as well as herbalism! What a relief the visit was and a breath of fresh air!" ~Amanda

"Renee is awesome! Such a compassionate, caring, and skilled LMT. She helped me alleviate some pain issues without the use of meds. Outstanding and very highly recommended!!!" ~Tom

"I’ve known Renee for over 4 years. When I first started to work with Renee I thought I had a fracture. I had no idea a muscle could cause that much pain. Renee has an amazing technique; she worked wonders on my muscles and eradicated the pain I had at the time. She has taught me several stretching techniques to reduce injury to my muscles. I also use Renee’s skills as an herbalist to help choose supplements for myself. She’s an incredible massage therapist and herbalist. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends." ~Lori 

"Renee is so very professional and the best massages I have ever received!! Thanks for everything!" ~Kay

"I have been going to Renee weekly for pain relief. What a wonderful experience! I told her recently "I come in to you feeling like a quarter and after your message feel like a million". Being a health care professional she is very aware of our complex bodies. You truly relax with Renee. Thanks for your holistic approach to my pain relief!" ~Sharm

"I've seen Renee a few times and each massage was better than then last. As we've built our "massage relationship", she has remembered my individual needs, treated me and my body with kindness and has suggested worthwhile home care tips. I value her work and especially her knowledge of the human body. Thank you Renee!" ~Jennifer