Corning Massage & Wellness
Specializing in medical massage; focusing on promoting therapeutic change and well-being.

Services And Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. We spend time before and after your session to talk to you about what to expect by having massage work done, and will go over a treatment plan with you. We spend time with you after your session to show you targeted stretches to help relieve tension in the specific muscles that you have issues in, and will go over other self care. Our main focus is getting you to optimal health and helping ease your aches and pains. Our work is medically focused and we take time to work adhesions and trigger points ("knots") out. This kind of work takes time and should go into consideration when picking the length of massage (ie: if you have a few different issues going on in your body, it will require more than a 30 minute session to address everything.)

If your body needs the work but you can not financially afford it, please talk to the owner, Renee about this. We will try to come up with a plan that will work for you.

* Please note that Renee is the owner of Corning Massage & Wellness and any other therapist working in this location is independent. Renee is the only therapist that accepts gift cards, gift certificates, and promotional discounts.‚Äč

Discounts: As an incentive to take regular care of yourself!
$5 off  if you've come back within one month
$10 off  if you've come back within one week
(~This discount may be a limited time offer; book now to get "grandfathered" in!)

Therapeutic Massage$45 / 30 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$95 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$120 / 120 minutes